Marble Butter Cake Recipe

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  • Marble Butter Cake Recipe - The Bake Idea Blog

    Heaven must be like a rich butter cake still warm from the oven. In this post, I would like to show you how to bake a very easy cake for your mum this Mother’s Day. It may be simple yet it is a feast for the eyes and the palate. 

    Hainanese Chicken Chop Recipe

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  • Fabulous Hainanese Chicken Chop Recipe - The Bake Idea Blog

    I’ve tried many recipes over the years for Hainanese Chicken Chop but this is the one I come back to time and again. The taste truly reminds me of my childhood and KL’s Yut Kee, a place that serves the best ever Hainanese Chicken Chop.

    Hamburg Steak Recipe

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  • Japanese Hamburg Steak with Egg Sunny-side Up - The Bake Idea Blog

    I was watching a show the other day and they were talking about Hamburg Steaks. It made me incredibly hungry. So hungry, in fact, that I couldn’t get it out of my mind and really really had to make it the very next day! That’s the power of good cinematography!